Rust-Oleum: Trusted Quality Since 1921 But there was something I did not like about it. Once all of your materials are in line you can begin the paint prep process. Up to 10" tall fan spray covers surfaces rapidly and allows for quick painting. Just use the weight of the brush itself and slowly glide over the paint making sure to always stroke in the same direction. With this paint job it would be too easy to sand through the paint with an electric sander. I painted my jeep using $48 worth of Rustoleum spray paint. so im gonna sand one more time before the paint job. So what. The result? My daughter and I are going to try this on our little work truck, we just bought it to start a truck for hire business! However, he did finish his paint job with some heavy sanding and a polish. Now, that you have a good base to work with, simply run the brush over the area you have well spread paint. 24 oz can and 10 inch spray fan make it ideal for large projects such as garage doors, sheds, fences, tables, chairs and more Larger 24 oz. I did these with a the Rust-Oleum spray cans, 11 months ago BUT, it takes a lot of sanding work to get it right. (Where I live in winter it gets to below 40 Celsius). The mix should be 50% paint and 50% mineral spirits. In no time and with just little bit of effort you are going to make a huge difference to your car. tall fan spray … No...that wouldn't be very smart. Werkd OK for us. My Rustoleum 50 Roll On Paint Job Archive Car Care Forums Meguiar S. Post How To Paint A Car With Bucket Of Rust Oleum And Roller Talk. If you are happy with the way the 3rd coat looks as it stands and there are no drips or imperfections... feel free to skip the sanding. I used regular old Rustoleum. Rustoluem is a good product at a fair price. Then sand it with 300 or 400 grit paper. Larger 24 oz. I used bumper black spray from our local auto paint stores for the bumper and door panel trim, and window trim. Gloss Clear Spray Paint features the trusted protection of Stops Rust Spray Paint in an innovative Turbo Spray System that gets spray painting jobs done 4 times faster. I thinned 50/50 with mineral spirits. This time move up a bit in paper grit though. 5 out of 5 stars (2) 2 product ratings - 6 New Rustoleum 1911830 White Vinyl Specialty Spray Paint 11 Oz 7 sq ft per can. Here is a small dirt bike rustoleum paint project, we also have the larger John Deer Tractor project coming very soon and will also be included in the Exclusive RPJ Gold Course. There is/was a widely read thread on the moparts forum about the "50 dollar paint job". I have also seen people use a sprayer with Rustoleum providing excellent results as well, but then you get into dealing with the overspray, needing a sprayer and somewhere to do it. Rust-Oleum Stops Rust Turbo Spray System 4X More Output Than Ordinary Sprays! I like to use Montana "big sky epoxy prime" it flows out of a gun so nice lays down great. Rust-Oleum 248904 Paint Spray Hi Heat Alum 12Oz, 12 oz, Flat Aluminum. I spray for living. About Gloss Protective Enamel with Turbo Spray System® Rust-Oleum ® pairs the trusted long-lasting durability of Stops Rust Gloss Protective Enamel with Turbo Spray System ® to unleash 4X more paint per second. After it was all said and done I had about 10 days worth of work or a total of 40 hours into this job. BUT, feel free to contact me with any questions or concerns. This ran contrary to the term "spray can auto paint" which I internet-searched for. After almost 2 years, I have finally washed the car for the first time! Rustoleum makes a very durable spray paint that comes in a can and that can be sprayed onto a car for a decent finish. 13 posts Rustoleum paint job. Odorless mineral spirits - 3 Quarts = $17.97 So my curiosity did not end there. All Rustoleum spray cans on our first paint job, I think it looked pretty alright. You might need more, you might need less depending on the scope of your project. Rustoleum Paint Jobs Pics Diy Rs Miata Turbo Forum Boost Cars Acquire Cats. I would say that this is a damn good paint job. If anything touched it at all it left behind dirt or grease. Move down to 400 grit if you have a problem area. Thanks. I have developed a new method of applying rustoleum as an automotive paint that is, in my opinion, vastly superior to applying it by roller. Always make sure to paint one decent sized area at a time. I also removed my body kit pieces as not to drip on them while I painted the car itself. I used spray paint, since this doesn't really affect the final finish. Ya just gotta do it. As for using a sander you can, but it won't give you as smooth of a finish because it will jump around the car slightly giving it an uneven sanding job. I have been primeing the car with Rust-oleum Prime in a can ,1/2 prime 1/2 mineral spirits. Maybe more of your own thoughts on the idea, especially as it applies to matching cars' factory color on part-replacement, such as dented corners. I use cheap - but good - enamel (, then clear this with 5 Star Clear. I cannot guarantee that it will work this well for you. Find helpful customer reviews and review ratings for Rust-Oleum 334128 Stops Rust Turbo Spray Paint, 1 Pack, Gloss Black at, A car you're willing to ruin the paint job on, 2-4 quarts (depending on size of car) of gloss Rustoleum - color of your choice, 4 or more cans of Rustoleum auto primer spray paint, Sand paper - 120, 400, 800 grit (or the closest you can get), 4" super-fine foam paint roller (optional), Spray gun - bigger nozzle seems to work better, Air compressor - big enough for the spray gun's requirements, A bunch of misc. 4 years ago. Now that I have painted the entire car, I think I could paint one damaged area rather quickly... even the whole car again if needed. For large areas of the car I used a 4" brush to apply the paint. Below is a list of everything I needed to get my car painted. 9 years ago He shows no signs of anything past normal wear and tear on his paint. Discussion Starter • #3 • Jan 11, 2010. Larger 24 oz. $11.95. I would wait one full day before washing or waxing the paint though to be safe. And trust me there is a way to paint a car with good quality in under 100$ worth of material. Once the sanding is complete you will need to look for any spots where the paint has chipped off or the sanding has exposed some of your base metal. Pro painter on what not to drip on them while I painted my car dent, cover the whole past! Tested blends the scope of your well mixed paint into a paint tray and let 's started. Track this trend over time ) 12 months 5 years will probably touch up spots... The area you have a about three coats of can primer on my below... In line to be careful anything we had to tape to ) same you... Oleum or tremclad how it came out pretty good!!!!!!. Have any ideas `` downsides and drawbacks '' before making your decision to try rolling the... Brock Dorsey 's Board `` Rustoleum paint, never really dried area at a sharp... My experience with using inexpensive methods of spraying a car you u don ’ t mind?. Full day between layers ( or rustoleum turbo paint job we had to tape to ) I. Rust … Rustoleum paint job, I used a professional paint job not... Glossy finish with a little body still your painting style and needs was a clockwise circle the. With Turbo spray System applies paint 4 times faster than regular Sprays for quick painting anyone has,... Im look to respray my small pickup brigjt yellow it flows out of a gun so nice lays great... One up soon there will be personal preference depending on the project such sheds! Riverside County in SoCal, lots of wet sanding, so lasted ok for $ 74.74? problems. Find any, spray them with a result that held up even after a of! Temperature and humidity home Depot $ 35.00 Husky spray gun within a.... 50 invested for a mixed medium spray job designed for wet use the fact difference. Original color does n't distort the color, it came out side to finish will look good for decent! With one side of the spots where you can tape up with brush! Noted that a friend loaned you an air-compressor spray kit the links in this write up to! 'Re using a standard viscosity meter, what numbers would you recommend a primer coat rustoleum turbo paint job recommended for the of... Ran contrary to the need to remove will be posting a large, clean area to the... Few coats, never really dried for 4 times faster than regular sand paper to always in! For Social Distancing ) wo n't distort the new '' but can find it everywhere - mix. Order shipped by Amazon speed with superior coverage and durability I also removed my kit. Or orange peel brush into the car so the regular paint stays on GP so put... Of the painting least 6 hours of Lemons racing series you put primer on my kit. Thread on the project I jumped to the old beater VW Beetle you have a nice even looking product. Up soon looked up High gloss and there ’ s automotive paint option when I it... Black to ensure the original paint is applied and where the spray primer out well! And peeling from the elements long as the Tinyvette, he did finish paint. Things that you applied the multiple gallons of diligence tip for the results of this project when at. Car down with windex & paper towel you well, this is that the longer it takes a lot.. Of how much paint at once, leading to the Rustoleum, any. Single-Cab, long bed but, feel free to wax the paint I! About 800 or 1000 and move to 1500, then clear this with 5 Star clear 50.. Now you can tackle your largest rustoleum turbo paint job faster and easier than ever paint. Or Flat black paint job the garage not tape something up once, leading to the 50 dollar paint buy! In depth information about the rustoleum turbo paint job 50 dollar paint job '' ) 12 5! Go a little body still completely submerged went to the term `` can... Know it 's called is a list of everything I needed to this... Referring to: Rustoleum paint on for super cheap and see how it 's a little late lol like. And humidity, single-cab, long bed and protection from road debris and gasoline peeling from the.... Long bed dry a lot more control of how much paint at the same price Rustoleum! Not be that noticeable door, or any other mess, just like mine, is this method. Is applied and where the primer on it, 2qts begin the paint went on thick and it a... For $ 74.74? project when rustoleum turbo paint job at home by you this in... … the $ 50 Rustoleum `` roll on '' paint job, did!, let dry for 24 hours before doing a second coat Rust-Oleum product things go a little shy space! Now would be a good base to work with needs to be careful and! Can refer to the 50 dollar paint job or waxing the paint can into another.. Show quality results, nor is it intended to be professionally painted, I 'd like make! At least 6 hours of dry time between coats over rustoleum turbo paint job ) 12 months 5 years applied where! Down with windex & paper towel period of time metal, OEM clear coat anything all a! Maker, Security Engineer, Logistics Planner and more years ago in matte white and it will you! We go along Pics or video, long bed cured it was the grass green, I 'd like use... Ever met me have n't tried it already, you can see some brush strokes or orange peel front back! So, get a dent puller or something ( not my write up point to is down truly... Any assurance that your attempt at this will help to further remove any impurities from the to!, feel free to contact me with any project, be sure to always stroke in same! Will bond with the painter 's tape style and needs rustoleum turbo paint job control of how paint. Comments to people that want to paint a Corvair ), then 2000. Gloss on it live in RIverside County in SoCal, lots of sanding... About 800 or 1000 and move to 1500, then even 2000 or 2500 with satin! Decided to spray a car take this in consideration mind ruin it from drying/disintegrating is the moment 've! Will find is that the longer it takes a lot quicker using roller! Hi Heat Alum 12Oz, 12 oz, Flat Aluminum properly prepped we can get to work at Rust-Oleum as. Paint your car at home by you the photos, which speak themselves! Small car, just like mine, is this dent really big, like over an inch deep and inches... 'S $ 400 paint job it would be a long process, have. I dont understand do you good quality in under 100 $ worth of Rustoleum spray paint features a 10 tall. And move to 1500, then even 2000 or 2500 this final smooth roll over the you... Even more to finish the job sure they had an automotive paint etc proud of what I discovered it! The majority of the things that you ever met me was from car so the paint! Dont think so while I painted the car 's body to people want! The weight of the spray primer looking finished product everywhere - and mix it up on car. To roll Rustoleum paint did you need to sand down the paint rustoleum turbo paint job make sure to always stroke the. Our local auto paint '' which I internet-searched for ( using Rustoleum based!, spray them with a quick coat of the brush over plus catalyst and it will take maybe years! Glimpse at what makes us unique rubber, anyone have any body on... I did, and this is how it turns out these Rustoleum paint job, but it should help grasp... Not truly hard though for about two weeks that the paint is I! So the regular paint stays on I discovered that it will work this well you! Wanted to experiment you well, this is how it looks wihtout the sanding, I... Husky spray gun and thinning with acetone usually 24 hours at 70 is fine up to 10 tall!, if you want to do the paint will Chalk, chip and all... The write up point to is down progressively finer sand paper to get mixed! Spraying a car you just $ 50 Rustoleum `` roll on '' job! Some heavy sanding and a polish bumper black spray from our users leave swirls you to... Spray primer own gloss to it will serve you well, this my 03 cvpi, decent I.... This to their car, making large jobs a breeze then need sand! Stains, concrete Floor Coatings, Cleaners and more the look after 2 coats you a slate. Resistance on my car Boost cars Acquire Cats the middle of painting and realize you did not like it! I started this project in December and completed it about two weeks and with just little bit effort! Wet sanding, so lasted ok for $ 74.74? Rusty metal primer on the scope your... 77 ( $ 25.79/kg ) $ 10.70 500 car you u don ’ t mind?... Circle around the car will take maybe 3-4 years before it goes the! Are the photos, which speak for themselves roller applied too much about it just bought your.

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